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When to Update the Windows in Your Building

Does your office space feel cold? Do you see condensation on your windows, or water seeping through window sills? If you notice these alarming signs of ageing windows, it might be time to replace your commercial windows.

Read on to learn about some indicators that show you need a window replacement.


Your Building Is Hard to Heat

Old windows provide little protection against hot or cold weather. Warmth radiates outwards, cooling down the areas next to the window and raising your heating bill.

To warm up your building, consider window replacement. In some cases, new energy-efficient glass replacements can save you an average of 45% on your energy bill. Windows are a key element when looking at the energy expenditure of a commercial building.

Windows have become much more efficient at keeping the elements out. Double pane windows with two layers of glass and another layer of gas in between can preserve the temperature in your building. There are numerous options for the insulation gas between the glass, and what you choose will depend on your budget and level of insulation required.


You Notice Condensation on the Window

Condensation on the window glass shows that the glass lets out too much heat, allowing humidity to cool and collect on the glass. This shows you have too much heat escaping. It can also lead to mildew problems.

As mentioned, most energy-efficient windows contain double panes separated by a vacuum-sealed space or an inert gas that does not conduct heat. Low emissivity (low-E) coatings on the glass can further reduce heat transfer by reflecting heat back inside a room or reflecting summer sunlight away from the building.


The Window Is Damaged

If a window or window frame has been damaged, it may be time to replace the entire unit. Damage might include a cracked or broken window or warped frames.

If you see moisture or condensation between window panes, you know that the seal has been broken, allowing the inert gas to escape and water to enter inside. The space between the panes will conduct heat outwards instead of trapping it inside. This sort of damage can't be repaired by replacing a single frame of glass. Instead, the whole unit needs to be replaced.


Water Leaks In

A damaged window or window frame can let water leak into the building. Not only can this water intrusion damage the area surrounding the window, but it can also lead to the growth of mould or mildew that can cause employees to suffer allergies or breathing problems.


Update Building Appearance

If your building looks outdated, commercial window replacement can make your entire exterior more attractive. Commercial windows come in many different styles, so there's always something to match your aesthetic. A good glass company will be able to design and install your commercial windows onsite.


Consider Window Replacement

If you need window replacement, contact us at Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd. Our glass company in London, ON, has worked with buildings ranging in size from plaza storefronts to the Regional Mental Health Hospital. Our onsite manufacturing space allows us to customize windows to your requirements. Soon, you'll have new windows to meet your energy needs and make your building look great.


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