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Your Trusted Providers for Commercial Grade Wood Doors in London

Wood doors are an extremely popular choice amongst today’s commercial office spaces and industrial buildings. Our team in London specializes in providing architectural wood doors that suit a client's needs and overall aesthetics. Southwest Doors & Hardware is the leading supplier of wood doors for office, healthcare, education and hospitality settings. If you are looking to install wood doors for your properties, Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd. is the one you should call.


Contact us anytime for more information! Have a look at some of our past projects on what we have done for our clients.

Canadian-Made Products

We want to bring the beauty of the Canadian wilderness to your property. Our team is proud to purchase products that have been manufactured in Canada to the highest quality. We offer doors made from various wood species, Natural and White Birch, Red and White Oak, Maple, Mahogany and much more. Our team will help you find the perfect doors to suit your space! Call us today to help you find the right door that ‘fits’ for you.

Durability of Wood Doors in a Commercial Building


Various interior door materials have different levels of durability. An economic choice is a door with a low-cost core, covered in your choice of veneer commonly referred to as a Particle Core Wood Door. For more demanding applications, you will want to look at options that have an LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) Core, or an LSL (Laminated Strand Lumber) Core. Check out an overview of each below:


Particle Core Wood Doors

When it comes to durability, a good choice is a Particle core wood door, which is solid wood stiles (7/8” thick) and rails (1-3/16” Thick) used to create a frame around a Solid Particleboard Core. The downside to these doors is that different parts and pieces might absorb moisture at different rates. This can cause the door to swell, come apart or rot. In a low humidity environment, this would not be a concern — so these doors make for an economic interior option.


Laminated Strand Lumber

LSL Doors are an Extra Heavy-Duty option, which are constructed of stiles (7/8” Thick) bonded to an LSL Core. The LSL core is made up of dried strands of wood layered upon one another and bonded together with a moisture-resistant adhesive to make a solid and strong core for the door.


Laminated Veneer Lumber

LVL Doors are another Extra Heavy-Duty option, which are constructed of Stiles (7/8” Thick) and Top and Bottom Rails (7/8” Thick) bonded to an LVL Core. The LVL Core is created by longitudinally laminating 1/8” veneers using a hot-pressing method to ensure a strong, durable and structurally sound door core.


Finishing Veneer options

No matter which option of core/construction you choose, your options for Finishing Veneers are the same. The three options to choose from are a Paint Grade Veneer, Stain Grade Wood Veneer, or Plastic laminate glued to a composite crossband. Paint Grade veneers are available in Birch or Fiberboard (MDF). Stain Grade wood veneers are available in a wide range of species and cuts to suit your specific style and taste. Plastic Laminates are available in an endless range of styles and colours with thousands of selections available.


Some commonly asked questions about our wood doors in London are:


Is a Wood Door Right for Me?

As we've mentioned in the section above, a wood door has numerous benefits. However, whether or not a wood door is ideal for you depends entirely on your requirements. Contact our door experts today to make a decision.

How Much Will My Wood Door Cost?

There is no set cost for a wood door. The price will depend on factors such as the type of wood, specifications and size. Please contact us to discuss your requirements to get a clearer idea. Our team can provide you with a quote.

How Should I Maintain My Wood Door?

You should conduct a yearly inspection of your wood door to check for signs of wear and tear. By looking at the frames, paint, seals and hinges, you can find out what needs to be upgraded. This will help you identify any minor damage before it becomes a bigger issue.

Where Should I Install a Wood Door?

Due to developments in manufacturing technology, you can install wood doors both in the interiors and exteriors of your property. There is a wide range of styles, colours and specifications available to suit various areas in your commercial or industrial space.

If you have any more questions about our wood doors in London or any other products, please send them to us, and a member of our expert staff will be happy to help.

Why Choose Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd.?

Established in 1987 in Southwest Ontario, we at Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd. offer high-quality hollow metal doors, wood doors, architectural hardware and automatic operators for our clients in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Our dedication to adding as much value as we can to the projects we undertake has led us to be regarded as our client’s trusted window and door partners.


Here is a list of reasons why we are your go-to supplier:


  • We are a family-owned and operated company.
  • Our team is backed by more than three decades of experience.
  • We have a 28,000 sq. ft. facility to support our operations.
  • Our professional and friendly team is AADM Certified.
  • You can call us for a 24/7 emergency service.


We believe in bringing customized solutions to the table for your diverse yet specific needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our product offerings.

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Architectural Wood Doors in London and Southwest Ontario

We offer the dual promise of durability and quality with our premium wood doors in London.

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