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Your Trusted Providers for Commercial Grade Wood Doors in London

Wood doors are an extremely popular choice amongst today’s commercial office spaces and industrial buildings. Our team specializes in providing architectural wood doors that suit a clients needs and overall aesthetics. Southwest Doors & Hardware is the leading supplier of wood doors for office, healthcare, education, hospitality settings. If you are looking to install multiple wood doors for your properties, Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd. is the one you should call.


Contact us anytime for more information! Have a look at some of our past projects on what we have done for our clients.

Canadian-Made Products

We want to bring the beauty of the Canadian wildness to your property. Our team is proud to purchase products that have been manufactured in Canada to the highest standards of durability and appearance. You’ll find doors made from various wood species, from oak and redwood to cherry, pine, etc. Our team will help you find the perfect doors for the whole space! Call us today to help you find the right door that ‘fits’ for you.

Benefits of Installing Wood Doors in Commercial Buildings

The primary benefit of wood doors is that they are made of natural materials and are an environmentally-friendly choice. Because of this, the applications and uses of wood doors are multifold. Here are some additional benefits to installing wooden doors for commercial properties:


Elegant Look

Wood doors add an aesthetic appeal to your commercial building with their natural elegance which will sure to impress your clients.


Reduced Noise

Wood doors are quieter than other alternatives, making them a perfect choice for businesses to avoid distraction and increase productivity.


Insulation Property

Wood doors are great insulators that help keep the stabilize the temperature. As such, you will enjoy the benefit of high energy efficiency and low utility bills.



Wood doors don’t chip, crack or dent easily and are very strong, making them extremely rigid enough to withstand substantial use daily while giving you the aesthetic appeal you have always wanted. Also, it ensures a high level of security in your commercial property.


High Fire Rating

High-grade wood doors have proven to control the direction and rate of fire spread, making them a safer option to install in your commercial building.

Why Choose Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd.?

Established in 1987 in Southwest Ontario, we at Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd. offer high-quality hollow metal doors, wood doors and door appliances for our clients in the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. Our dedication to adding as much value as we can to the projects we undertake has led us to be regarded as our client’s trusted window and door partners.


Here is a list of reasons why we are our go-to supplier:


  • We are a family-owned and operated company.
  • Our team is backed by more than three decades of experience.
  • We have a 28,00 sq. ft. facility to support our operations.
  • Our professional and friendly team is AADM Certified.
  • You can call us for a 24/7 emergency service.


We believe in bringing customized solutions to the table for your diverse yet specific needs. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our product offerings.

Architectural Wood Doors in London and Southwest Ontario

We offer the dual promise of durability and quality with our premium wood doors in London.

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