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Easy Accessibility - Automatic Door Operators in London

Ensuring that workplaces, stores, offices, and schools are accessible is not only the right thing to do; it’s also the law under the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005. At Southwest Door Automatics Ltd., we supply automatic door operators and sliders that ensure accessibility for all in Southwest Ontario. With the push of a button, people with physical disabilities will not have any difficulty accessing schools, hospitals and other public buildings. Our team can provide you with effective operators that will benefit your customers, guaranteeing your business follows legal rules and regulations and meets the Accessible Customer Service Standard. Call us today to install an automatic door operator for your doors.


Why Install Automatic Doors?

An increasing number of commercial property owners in London are now turning to automatic doors, and with good reason. Having an automated door on your commercial property comes with numerous benefits, such as:


Improved accessibility: Enhanced accessibility is an important factor for commercial spaces. With hands-free doors, disabled people, the elderly, and small children can easily access your building.


Energy savings: Automated doors only open when someone is actually using them. This prevents your doors from being left open and releasing hot or cold air outside, saving energy and reducing bills.


Traffic flow: A rush of visitors in commercial settings like retail stores can cause congestion at the doors when they're manual. Automated doors control pedestrian traffic flow and ease of access in and out of the building.


To learn more about automatic doors and if they are the right fit for your building, contact our team today!


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