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Southwest Windows & Glass Ltd. provides and installs high-quality glass and plexiglass partitions for your business which can assist in keeping the overall health of your employees and patrons by limiting direct contact.


Whether choosing a plexiglass barrier for a temporary change or adding a glass guard for a more permanent and finished look, we can provide a solution that suits all your needs.

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Plexiglass Partitions Excellence: Features and Custom Solutions in London

Plexiglass, a versatile material offered by Southwest Windows & Glass Ltd. in London, which boasts numerous features ideal for creating practical partitions. Its transparency ensures visibility while maintaining a physical barrier, which is crucial for safety in various settings. Plexiglass is lightweight yet durable, making it easy to install and suitable for long-term use. Its resistance to shattering provides an added layer of security. Southwest Windows & Glass Ltd. designs customized plexiglass partitions, ensuring a seamless fit for any space. Easy maintenance and cleaning further enhance its practicality, while its adaptability allows for creative and aesthetic designs. Elevate your space's safety and aesthetics with plexiglass partitions from Southwest Windows & Glass Ltd.


Benefits of Plexiglass Partitions in London

Plexiglass, a durable and transparent acrylic material, has become increasingly popular for creating barriers in various environments. Whether used in offices, restaurants, or other public spaces, plexiglass partitions offer a range of advantages. Here are some benefits of incorporating plexiglass partitions into your space:


Easy to Fabricate and Shape

This gives it much flexibility and makes room for creative thinking when designing.


Lighter than Glass

Plexiglass can be up to 50% lighter than glass, making it much easier to, transport, and use.


Highly Transparent

Unlike other materials, plexiglass does not turn yellow with age. It retains its transparency and visual appeal for many years. This also makes it cost-effective because it maintains its look and does not deteriorate much. There is no need for routine replacement or cleaning.


Easy to Maintain

Cleaning plexiglass is not tough, and the rules and procedures are straightforward when it comes to dirt and dust accumulation.

Styles Available 

Entire floor-to-ceiling, reception glass barriers, or freestanding and (custom-built to suit your space and need).

Enhanced Safety 

Plexiglass partitions serve as practical barriers, contributing significantly to the safety and well-being of individuals in shared spaces. In bustling cities like London, where public areas are diverse and dynamic, these partitions act as physical barriers, minimizing the spread of germs and ensuring a safer environment for everyone.

Optimal Visibility 

One of the distinct advantages of plexiglass is its optical clarity. Unlike traditional partitions that may obstruct visibility, plexiglass maintains a clear line of sight, fostering an open and connected atmosphere. This is especially valuable in businesses where visual communication is vital.

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Why Choose Southwest Windows & Glass Ltd.?

  • Expertise: Years of experience in crafting and installing high-quality plexiglass partitions.

  • Custom Solutions: Tailored designs to suit your specific needs and enhance your space.

  • Durability: Premium materials ensure long-lasting and sturdy partitions.

  • Safety Focus: Prioritizing safety with transparent barriers for adequate protection.

  • Aesthetic Integration: Seamlessly blending partitions with your existing decor for a cohesive look.

  • Timely Delivery: Efficient services ensure your project is completed on schedule.

  • Customer Satisfaction: We are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and ensuring satisfaction with our work.

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