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Southwest Windows & Glass Ltd provides and installs high quality glass and plexiglass partitions for your restaurant or business to satisfy the Public Health Agency of Canada’s social distancing guidelines.

This clean, safe and affordable solution preserves the experience of going to a business or restaurant while also giving customers peace of mind as they are physically separated from nearby occupants.

Whether choosing a plexiglass barrier for a temporary change or adding in a glass guard for a more permanent and finished look, we can provide you with a solution to suit all your needs.


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Benefits of Getting Plexiglass Partitions


It is easy to fabricate and shape

This gives it a lot of flexibility and makes room for creative thinking when it comes to designing.


Lighter and stronger than glass

Plexiglass can be up to 50% lighter than glass, making it much easier to carry, transport, and use. At the same time, it does not compromise on strength at all. It is much stronger than glass.


Highly transparent

Unlike other materials, plexiglass does not turn yellow with age. It retains its transparency and visual appeal for many years. This also makes it cost-effective because it maintains its look and does not deteriorate much. There is no need for routine replacement or cleaning.


Easy to maintain

Cleaning plexiglass is not hard, nor are the procedures very complicated. In most cases, due to dirt and dust accumulation, wet microfibers suffice as cleaning agents.

Styles available 

Full floor-to-ceiling or smaller, reception glass barriers or freestanding. Can be custom-built to suit your space and needs.


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