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London-based Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd. is a name that commercial, industrial and institutional clients throughout the region, including Kitchener, Cambridge, Guelph and Southwest Ontario, trust. A family-owned group of companies, we offer a range of commercial-grade doors, frames, glass and aluminum entrances, partitions and more.

Based on our experience in the industry, we bring you some interesting, informative blogs on the products and technologies in the market and what we specialize in. For more information about our work, please feel free to contact us.

  • A glass revolving door
    Signs To Replace Your Building's Automatic Doors

    Gone are the days when customers have to manually open and close the door to enter your business. Now, practically every company (even the smaller businesses!) has at least one automatic door to let in their customers. Automatic doors offer several benefits and allow customers to feel equal regardless of their physical ability.


    However, everything mechanical breaks down eventually, and after years of repeated use, it may be time to replace the automatic doors. This article goes over a few signs to help determine if you need to replace your automatic door.


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  • curtain glass wall
    What Are Glass Curtain Walls?

    When you arrive at a potential office space, what is the first thing that draws your eye?

    You may glance at the street or take notice of the nearby stores, but your first impression will be of the architectural design of the building's exterior walls themselves. The elements that make that building stand out.

    But you're not looking for just any plain exterior. You want something modern and sophisticated to fit your business. Glass curtain walls give you both.

    Here's a guide on what glass curtain walls are and why they are a must-have for your building.


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  • a man in a wheelchair
    Accessible Bathrooms: What's Required in Creating a Barrier-Free Washroom?

    Enacted in 2005, the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) began the push for government offices, businesses, and non-profit organizations to make their spaces easy to access for all citizens.

    A key part of the AODA plan is accessible bathrooms in public areas. The Ontario Building Code (OBC) sets the rules for universal washroom design that meets AODA expectations for owners and managers of commercial properties.

    If you haven't read up on them lately, you may have missed some notable updates to the OBC. This article will discuss the essential points to ensure your property meets the current standards for barrier-free restrooms, so keep reading below to learn more. 


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  • someone opening a wooden door
    Selecting A Wood Door For Your Commercial Space

    Selecting a wood door for your commercial space needs to address more than aesthetics, from sound to heat loss, we came up with some tips to help you select doors that fit your needs. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about commercial wood doors for your building! 


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  • Automatic Doors on a building.
    3 Reasons You Need Automatic Door Operators for Your Commercial Space

    Automatic doors have been around for many years, and we see them everywhere we go. From the supermarket, to the clothing stores, and even our favorite movie venues, automatic door operators are installed in pretty much every popular commercial space.

    With that said, it's no surprise that we tend to take them for granted - that is, until you find yourself face to face with a manual door.

    Though manual doors are a great way to save money and protect your company, it goes without saying that the benefits of automatic door operators aren't something that your growing business can ignore. If you're looking to discover the benefits of automatic doors, you're in the right place. Keep reading to find out what an automatic door installation can do for you!


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  • broken glass window
    When to Update the Windows in Your Building

    Does your office space feel cold? Do you see condensation on your windows, or water seeping through window sills? If you notice these alarming signs of ageing windows, it might be time to replace your commercial windows.

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  • glass entrance
    Choosing the Right Entrance for Your Property: Hollow Metal Vs. Glass and Aluminum Vs. Wood Door

    In October 2020, a total of 4.5 billion dollars was invested into the construction of commercial, industrial and institutionalized buildings. When it comes to new infrastructure, companies need to make a plethora of decisions, including what material to use for windows and doors.

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