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What to Look for When Adding New Automatic Doors

Automatic doors

Ontario is home to more than 400,000 small businesses and commercial properties. While not universally true, most of these businesses depend on either customer or employee foot traffic. In other words, the doors on those businesses get a lot of use.

While many businesses opt for traditional doors on their businesses, many are now considering automatic doors as an alternative. Of course, picking out an automatic door for your business starts with knowing what's available.

Are you thinking of updating your current doors to automatic doors? If so, keep reading for our quick guide on what to consider when selecting automatic doors for your business.

Types of Automatic Doors

When it comes to automatic doors, you have three main options. There are automatic sliding, swinging, and folding doors.

Automatic sliding doors frequently appear at retail outlets where you need or expect two-way traffic.

Automatic swinging doors work best in places where you expect one-way traffic.

Automatic folding doors work best where space constraints are a factor

Automatic Door Features

You must also consider what features an automatic door offers. For example, can they incorporate automatic door openers to keep you in compliance with accessibility laws?

The world increasingly runs on apps. This grants you more control but also means that everything must incorporate the right technology.

If you want voice activation of your doors using a digital assistant, make sure the doors can accommodate that.

Automatic Door Installation

Installing automatic doors isn't always an easy process. After all, for sliding doors, you need an opening that's big enough. It's often impractical to install them unless you design the storefront to accept them.

If you want automatic commercial doors installed at an existing property, you should consult with a professional to understand what options will work there without making big changes to the structure.

Automatic Door Maintenance

You must also consider the level of ongoing maintenance your automatic doors will need. The more complicated the mechanisms that run your automatic doors, the more maintenance they'll typically require. They may even need an annual inspection from a professional.

Automatic Doors require all maintenance to be performed by an AAADM Certified Technician. Make sure you understand those requirements upfront because they'll be an additional cost for you.

Choosing Your Automatic Doors

Choosing automatic doors for your business property doesn't sound complicated, but you must bear several things in mind. You must consider what kind of doors you want for one.

You must also consider what kind of features they offer. You must determine whether your business location can accommodate your desired automatic doors. There are also the more basic issues of the cost of the doors and installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd. has certified AAADM Technicians that can ensure quality installation of automatic doors and sliders and can offer ongoing support for commercial doors in Southwest Ontario. For questions about services, call Southwest Doors today or book an appointment.


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