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curtain glass wall

When you arrive at a potential office space, what is the first thing that draws your eye?

You may glance at the street or take notice of the nearby stores, but your first impression will be of the architectural design of the building's exterior walls themselves. The elements that make that building stand out.

But you're not looking for just any plain exterior. You want something modern and sophisticated to fit your business. Glass curtain walls give you both.

Here's a guide on what glass curtain walls are and why they are a must-have for your building.


What Is a Glass Curtain Wall?

Glass curtain walls are glass/metal panels encased in lightweight aluminum frames. These types of walls are not structurally made to be the support of the roof or the floor. Instead, they are supported by wind resistance transferring and gravity loads.


Curtain walls can be intricately designed to be the outer structure of a whole building or just one part of a wall. They are aesthetically pleasing but also function to protect the building from air and water penetration.


Because of the large glass panels, natural light flows into the building and is disbursed across whole floors, which is what makes them so popular.


Why You Should Invest in Glass Curtain Walls

There are many benefits to investing in glass curtain walls as the exterior of your building. Some of the top key advantages are as follows:


Natural Light Exposure

Natural light exposure is scientifically proven to have many benefits to a person's health. It increases mood and is the best source of vitamin D.

Glass curtain walls allow important light wavelengths that help the human brain focus while blocking out all harmful UV rays.


They Reduce Building Sway 

Swaying, especially in tall buildings, is unpleasant for those working inside. Glass curtain walls distribute kinetic energy in the entire frame, which creates less swaying effects for those inside while creating a sturdier building. 

They are also safer than traditional exterior materials because they reduce the risk of any external damage.


A Contemporary Aesthetic

Glass curtain walls fit into every office aesthetic. Their unobstructed views and clean lines give off a higher standard of style that your employees, as well as your clients, will appreciate. 


Upgrade Your Building Today

When you invest in glass curtain walls, you're investing in the modernization of your business. Its sleek design and functionality will attract the eyes of potential customers.


Southwest Windows & Glass Ltd. wants you to have the knowledge to upgrade your exterior. As a top glazing contractor, our experts are trained at making any design a reality. 


For more information on the services Southwest Windows & Glass Ltd., visit our website.


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