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Doors that are difficult to open, or look unappealing, are going to turn business away. Your commercial retail space should have an inviting entryway that will encourage shoppers to step inside. This article explains the different types of doors for high-traffic entry areas. Read on to learn how your doors can make a great first impression.


Types of Commercial Doors

Commercial storefront doors are available in different materials and styles, from steel or aluminum to wood and glass. Metal doors are cost-effective and offer high security, while glass doors are aesthetically pleasing and allow shoppers to see inside. An aluminum storefront door is the most popular with its low cost, lightweight, and easy maintenance.


Here are four styles of doors that are excellent for high foot traffic areas.


Revolving Doors

Revolving doors can facilitate a high level of foot traffic in and out of the store. They are also energy efficient as they act as a barrier and prevent drafts. This helps maintain consistent pressure reducing the load on the HVAC system. 


Automatic Doors

Automatic doors minimize foot traffic jams and encourage a better flow of shoppers in and out of the store. They require minimal energy to run and are easy to lock and unlock. If you receive a lot of deliveries through this doorway, for example, UPS and FedEx, an automatic door operator is a must.


Frameless Doors

Frameless glass doors are perfect for stores where high visibility is important. Typical installation locations include malls or interior doors because they don't seal drafts or keep out moisture.


Balanced Doors

Balanced doors require less space than other door types and are suited to older buildings and high foot traffic areas. Because only two-thirds of the door swings, the door stays within its frame. Their style also makes them suitable for high wind areas.


How to Make Your Door Last

  • Besides material and style, it is important to have the right hardware.

  • Heavy-duty hinges will stop the door from sagging and keep it positioned perfectly within the jamb

  • High rated door closures are a must for heavy use areas and high wind

  • Kick plates stop scuffs and prevent the door from becoming weakened through constant contact

  • Floor or wall-mounted door stops prevent the door from opening too far and damaging surrounding walls

Best Supplier In The Area

With 30-plus years of experience, Southwest Doors & Hardware Ltd. is one of Southwest Ontario’s most trusted door, hardware and glass companies. Get in touch with our team today, and we can help you choose the perfect door for your location.


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