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A glass revolving door

Gone are the days when customers have to manually open and close the door to enter your business. Now, practically every company (even the smaller businesses!) has at least one automatic door to let in their customers. Automatic doors offer several benefits and allow customers to feel equal regardless of their physical ability.


However, everything mechanical breaks down eventually, and after years of repeated use, it may be time to replace the automatic doors. This article goes over a few signs to help determine if you need to replace your automatic door.


The Door Is Not Closing Properly

A sign you might need to replace your doors is when it doesn’t close properly. There are many reasons your doors aren't closing, including sensor issues, natural warping, or the door not on track. If you have tried troubleshooting the issues and it still doesn’t solve them, you might consider replacing them.


You’re Paying for Constant Repairs

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need to replace your doors is when you find yourself constantly paying for repairs. Issues with automatic doors are extremely common as they get older, whether the sensor is not working or it’s not closing completely. The repairs can be costly for your business and inconvenient for customers who cannot get in.


If you're having issues with your automatic doors and the cost of repairs is more expensive than installing a new door, it may be time to look at a replacement.


Make the Building More Accessible

If your building has traditional doors at the entrance, you could be limiting the type of customers that enter. People with physically handicapped can feel like they struggle to get into your store and are less likely to visit. This means your current doors could be making you lose money.


Swapping your current doors for automatic ones means that your business is more accessible to everyone, regardless of their physical condition. You'll be seeing a lot more customers — and a lot more income — as a result.


Replace Your Automatic Doors Today

Southwest Doors is the #1 trusted partner of contractors and property owners for commercial openings for over 30 years. We specialize in commercial and industrial windows and doors and so much more. Reach out to us to get started. Let us help you make your business better!



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